1) Do I have to attend the reunion?
No but be forewarned that we will talk about you behind your back.
2) Okay...if I come to the reunion, do I have to participate in all of the activities?
See question #1
Seriously though, no - there is no obligation to attend the events.  Come to all or to just one.  No pressure.
3) What should I bring?
Yourself, your family, social skills, memories of a loved one - oh, and a small donation to cover the cost of food.
4) Will there be homemade ice cream?
Is the pope Catholic?
5) If I have questions about the reunion, then whom should I contact?
Craig Erickson - 720-480-3347 (genealogy-related and reunion logistics)
Kimberly Erickson - 303-449-6890 (reunion logistics, lodging, good conversation)
Sheri (Gaunt) Read - 515-388-4498 (Iowa contact, general reunion info)